Hultman's Lawn Care, LLC is a small family owned and operated company. We have been in business since 2001 serving Stark County, Ohio.

Owner Josh Hultman was born and raised in Canton, Ohio.  At a young age he had a desire to be a business man. When he was 12 years old the first thing on his Christmas list was a lawn mower and his grandfather got him one.  That summer began his journey.  He would walk door to door with his push mower looking for customers. He persisted and eventually by age 17 he was able to purchase his first commercial mower, a Toro Proline walk-behind.  

Josh Hultman built his business to what it has become today, with over 500 loyal customers.  Currently his brother Chris and one of his best friends Brian are Crew Leaders in the Mowing Division.  He still has the push mower that he was given at the age of 12, as a reminder of how far he has come.
About Us:
Josh Hultman at age 12 with his first mower.
Hultman's Lawn Care Spring 2016.